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What to do with this credit cards? - You can read the instructions here.

SBS BankVisa Classic1 card844.23 NZD0.0206 ฿
SBS BankVisa Classic1 card5430.40 NZD0.1332 ฿
SBS BankVisa Classic1 card2360.10 NZD0.0556 ฿
SBS BankVisa Classic1 card1390.50 NZD0.0339 ฿
SBS BankVisa Gold1 card2635.00 NZD0.0645 ฿
Heartland BankVisa Classic1 card1842.00 NZD0.0451 ฿
Heartland BankVisa Classic1 card1350.80 NZD0.0334 ฿
Kookmin BankVisa Classic1 card1270.00 NZD0.0311 ฿
Kookmin BankVisa Gold1 card1950.00 NZD0.0478 ฿
Kookmin BankVisa Gold1 card3505.00 NZD0.0834 ฿
Kookmin BankVisa Classic1 card1320.50 NZD0.0323 ฿
SBS BankVisa Gold5 cards≈ 27K NZD TOTAL0.3754 ฿
SBS BankVisa Classic10 cards≈ 64K NZD TOTAL0.584 ฿
Heartland BankVisa Classic5 cards≈ 9.5K NZD TOTAL0.1321 ฿

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